What is BITTO Exchange?

The BiTTo platform is the ultimate venue where cryptocurrency traders and investors find each other and create a transparent, safe and efficient investment environment. Investors from around the world can compare the performance of hundreds of professional crypto asset managers, mirror their trades automatically and profit together. You are also able to Stake your Bitto coins, and use our secured lending option that is backed by cryptocurrency.

What is Staking or Proof of Stake?

This is the next step ahead of mining, where is it environmentally friendly, while providing you the benefit of daily coin rewards. All this without the hassle while encouraging an increase in coin price. These coins usually increase a lot in prices in short amount of time due to its passive income nature.For BiTTo holders that stakes 5000 BITTO on our exchange, you will be rewarded daily, from our 3 MILLION BITTO coins that we will distribute within a 2 year period.


Liquidity has always been an issue for exchanges, but with Bitto, this will be solved with having 6 services. That makes the exchange attractive by catering to a large number of userbase with different interests.
Investing In Bitto will not only allow you to indirectly own a part of our exchange, but we will also be implementing Tier benefits and to show our appreciation for your contribution, we are providing bonuses during our ICO. This will be paid out at the completion of our ICO.
Invest in a sustainable business exchange that shares our profits that is contributed by your virtue in growing our exchange platforms awareness.

How is Bitto Beneficial for me?

BiTTo helps investing talents bring their trading results in front of the public and compete with other traders in an equally-fair environment. With the BiTTo platform, every “street” trader can start a career as a digital asset manager by allowing other members to subscribe to their strategy and earn additional income. Traders can also earn by referring friends and family to trading in our platform. We will then reward you up to 60% of whatever commission we earn off their trades. Top 10 Referral and Signal traders will be announced regularly to show transparency on our commission payouts.

Why purchase BITTO Token during ICO is profitable?

We expect Bitto tokens value to increase in value when Bitto Exchange goes live. As we continue to implement each of our services we believe that the impact on our Token price will be extremely positive. .
Limited to our ICO contributors, we are providing a list of benefits shown on our Tier Table.

We will also be providing Bonuses for early stage ICO investors.

What is Signal Provider or Pro trader?

Investing in cryptocurrency requires experience and can be a very time-consuming journey, especially for someone who has a full-time job not related to technology or the online trading industry. The learning curve for investing in cryptocurrency is extremely steep and experienced digital asset managers are in the best position to fully benefit from arising opportunities offered in the blockchain revolution. The BiTTo platform allows everyday investors to search and compare the performance of hundreds of proven cryptocurrency traders and mirror their trades automatically. It’s like having hundreds of traders work for you. With this you can now earn money passively without having to be an expert yourself.

I am new to cryptocurrencies. How can i start?

Just register yourself, and start earning referral rewards or copy our top crypto traders that we have carefully selected and start earning atuomatically from their expertise.

How do i get Ethereum Wallet?

We recommend MyEtherWallet (MEW) although Mist, Parity, imToken or any other ERC-20 wallet will be suitable. Please click here and follow the instructions.
IMPORTANT: do not send from exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex or Exodus, but only from your private wallet to which you control the key!

How do BITTO increase in price.

While we cannot predict the market, we are very confident that BiTTo will continue to increase in price in the near future. With our low circulating supply, staking, and a successful one stop platform exchange we are confident that the price of bitto coins will continue to increase.

Buyback Funds are also arranged to buy and burn Bitto coins, Reducing the circulation amount in the market gradually. We are also confident that our exchange platform supported by our referral system and the community will attract enough users to appreciate the value.

When will BITTO Exchange be implemented?

While we understand that many of our investors are eager to see the launch of our exchange, rest assured that we are already in the midst of setting up servers, platform, and implementation of what we promised.

Our platform is being upgraded and tested to ensure that when we go LIVE in the third quarter of 2018, we will be THE option to go to for a safe, secure, fast and rewarding experience. Sneak preview of our test exchange is shown on whitepaper.

Your patience will be rewarded with a highly valued Bitto coin when we have done proper groundwork and launching of a great exchange platform